Community Cause

Assisting Special Needs Students in West Virginia

More than 3 million children under the age of 18 in the United States suffer from either a physical or cognitive disability. Here in West Virginia, nearly one in six school aged children struggle with a serious disability that requires special educational resources.

The West Virginia Insurance Group believes that all children are entitled to a comprehensive education, and our team is launching a campaign to improve educational outcomes for young people in Putnam County.

Ambassadors for Educational Inclusiveness

The West Virginia Insurance Group is now a recognized Regional Ambassador for the #AgentsofChange group in the greater Hurricane area. Our commitments during this campaign will include empowering special educational initiatives to provide resources to young people with cognitive or physical disabilities, as well as supporting outreach programs that promote unity and inclusiveness for children with disabilities throughout our community.

Thousands of children in our area are affected by disabilities, and we need your help to reach them.

Your Assistance is Important!

Your assistance is crucial to this campaign. When you invite a friend, family member, or neighbor into the West Virginia Insurance Group for a free insurance consultation, you’ll give our team a chance to share information with them about our ongoing efforts to assist children with disabilities. For every person you invite, we will make a donation IN YOUR NAME to a regional program or agency that provides help to disabled schoolchildren.

Making the Future Brighter

This campaign gives all of us a chance to work together toward improving outcomes for young people in our area who are living with physical or developmental disabilities. Please join us, and let’s make the future brighter for all the children in our community.


Keefe Duterte

West Virginia Insurance Group

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