Dwight’s Fresh Foods

Hi, we are Mike and Vickie Messinger and we own and operate Dwights Restaurant in Saint Albans. This restaurant was opened in 1993. In the 50's our family restaurants were named Adkins Fat Boy's, after Mike's Grandfather Benny Adkins. The first Dwights was opened in 1963 by Mike's Father, Dwight Messinger.

Our family started in the restaurant business in 1950 as a simple drive up restaurant. Mike is now the third generation from a family who has mostly owned mom and pop restaurants.

Over the years we have owned many, many restaurants, but today there is only one Dwights Restaurant left in operation.

Our restaurant is small with only sixteen tables, but our goal remains to offer our customers a great meal at a reasonable price. That does not mean, however, that we compromise quality to do so. On the contrary: We guarantee the freshness of our ingredients, and prepare everything just the way you like it. We are a family restaurant with a tradition in food excellence.

We are dedicated to preserving a fantastic dining tradition. Our homemade sandwiches and burgers are, to us, a piece of home that we would like to preserve for the next generation.

513 MacCorkle Avenue

St. Albans, WV 25177

Phone: (304) 722-1745