Jamie Dickenson LLC

Everything you've ever wanted to know about COLLEGE

Jamie Dickenson, LLC is owned and operated in Charleston, West Virginia. While our services include educational planning and providing academic support to a growing number of students, our goal is to treat every customer with respect and adopt them into the Jamie Dickenson, LLC family. Our individualized approach is something we take pride in and gives us an edge when compared to similar services.

Jamie Dickenson started her educational consulting practice in 1998 and has helped thousands of families through the college admissions and financial aid process. Jamie's dedication, energy, and enthusiasm have contributed to the growth of her business and the success of many life-changing decisions she's helped her students make. In 2011, she decided to expand her business to include a tutoring center so that she could help her students lay a solid foundation for a positive academic career. 

It is our mission to provide educational support and guidance for students by communicating with them and motivating them as they transition from high school to college. Jamie is proud that her staff is preparing students for academic challenges by providing a customized learning experience that will help them successfully overcome high school’s hurdles and progress to college. Students work through their academic weaknesses and discover what they love and are good at doing, all in a safe and secure environment.

888 Oakwood Road, Suite 200

Charleston, WV 25314

Phone: (304) 556-4807